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We take care of the complete project, design and creation so that the house of your dreams becomes a reality. Since our inception we have grown and expanded significantly, guided by the idea of building trustworthy relationships and being innovative leaders in the Newark, NJ 07104 area.

offers services of roof replacement, roofing near me, metal roofing, commercial and residential siding, we are the experts. We have the knowledge to carry out any project.

we have believed in the power of recommendations, which is why excellence has been our letter of introduction with a team of highly qualified professionals in cutting-edge techniques and materials call us. .



Whether you need a new construction or some repairs to improve the look and functionality, our professionals will be happy to help..

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Metal roofing systems are trouble-free, among the most beneficial roofing systems in the industry. Benefit from insulation, strength and long life with a metal roof. Here at ALL STATE ROOF we pride ourselves on the caliber of our metal roofing solutions....


Protect the exterior of your property with premium siding. In addition, ensure the quality of your property structure through first-rate solutions. Through our siding services, we help your estate increase in value, useful life and exterior appeal. Contact us now!...


Have a faulty roofing system? If your roof has any imperfections, such as a leak, dent, or missing tiles, we can take care of a complete restoration. Our professionals have seen a lot of roof damage over the years, yet we always have the right solution for your complete repair in the end to your satisfaction. ....


TExperienced Roofing Services Contractor that meets your needs. We pride ourselves on providing professional solutions and the best care!

The results obtained in All state Roofing and Siding mean that our clients continue to maintain loyalty to our company. The work in family and the care that we put in each work, we are more than Roofing & Siding, we are a family specialist in the administration of the projects of our clients..

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Feel confident and secure under your own roof. For several years, our roofing contractors have been running the best roofing installations in town. We work with the best materials and tools to ensure a fast, complete and high-gauge roof installation. Your roof will survive the last test of time in Newark, NJ


It is important that you know that trees are living beings that have their own lives and it is necessary to take care of them and sometimes make assessments where tree removal is required, as it can damage not only the land but also the trees that surround it, so We know that....


When roof damage is beyond what a repair can repair, it is mandatory to replace it. If your roof has irreparable failure, you can count on our expert roofing contractors for a top-of-the-line, affordable replacement. Our mission is to help you achieve a roof you feel comfortable under.


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Our Mission

Use all our talent in each project to provide quality and tranquility to our clients, covering all their needs and demands, we use the best quality materials.

Our Vision

Create relationships with our clients, become partners of their dreams, establish ourselves as the best in the entire local area of Newark, NJ be known for our values and excellence we will always be ready for new challenges

Why Choose Us?

Because our real business is the happiness of you and your family. because we are always ready to carry out all your projects we are the best in Newark, NJ we work with and for our community.


Allstate Roofing & Siding is an expert company in roof repair, maintenance and remodeling. We offer quality and customer-oriented services. Small and large, all projects are carried out efficiently, our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction is expressed in the fantastic results we offer. Fine finishes and excellent details that make the ceilings of your home the best in your area. .

Whether you need a new construction or some repairs to improve the look and functionality, our professionals will be happy to help. The exterior of your home is a way to show your decorative preferences to the neighborhood. The style, condition, and color of wallcovering dramatically increase the appeal of your home. We work with all available materials. After an honest evaluation, our roofing and sheathing contractor will let you know exactly what type of service you need. If you dream of an elegant house that stands out in your area, LET US ADVISE YOU..

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112 Bloomfield Ave 5 o Piso, Newark, NJ 07104;